4 in 1 module system


Swing system is used in the design of wardrobes with a narrow door aperture, where the use of sliding system is impractical. Obligatory condition when installing swing system - there is free space for doors opening. The system is designed for installation in freestanding wardrobe.

«4 in 1» SYSTEM Fixed wall partition

Fixed wall partitions is a hot interior element. There is an opportunity to divide room, create some zones with a minimum of steps during your installation. Fixed wall partitions are integrated in design, rigidly mounted to the floor and ceiling

«4 in 1» SYSTEM Suspension system

Suspension system is designed for interior sliding door or partition. The system can be installed on wall and ceiling. This system is installed without bottom rail that allows us to solve the problem of dust clogging and mechanism breaking. Suspension system also includes a decorative plate, performed in style of the profile, which hides the suspension rail.


Folding system is applicable for wardrobes with a narrow doorway, where application of sliding system is impractical. It is necessary before the installation of folding system to check free space availability in door opening area.